Green Events

We’re committed to saving the environment.

Many of us lead eco-green lifestyles. If you recycle, conserve water, drive a hybrid or own any energy-efficient items, then you are saving the environment.  Now, how can you incorporate eco-green elements from your personal lifestyle into the social and professional events you host?

The expert event planners at V Agency have all sorts of ideas, tips and resources to make your next event green. From dinner parties to board meetings to weddings and beyond, we can incorporate unique, environmentally friendly elements into your special events. Here’s a sampling:

  • Recycled Paper (for invitations, event signage, menu, agenda)
  • Awareness (We’ll post signs throughout that event that say “We’re going green!”)
  • Locally Grown and Produced Items (flowers, organic catering, etc.)
  • Naturally Biodegradable Disposable Products (bamboo, sugarcane, recycled paper)
  • Paperless Technology (electronic invitations, event website, online check-in registration and/or confirmation)
  • Recycling Bins (provided for glass, paper and plastic collection)

We work with some of the best vendors in town, and we continually search out the best resources. It’s the extra things like this that allow V Agency to collaborate with you to create fabulous, environmentally conscious events.

Give us a buzz today at (313) 971-4994, and let us help you make eco-friendly choices for your next event.