Beyond V Agency Events

Fresh Ideas + A Unique Perspective = Fabulous Events!

When it comes to events, we think beyond the typical. Sure, like other event planners, we can plan traditional business meetings and wedding-related events, yet V Agency also produces step-by-step pre-funeral arrangements, sponsorship management and activation services and a range of special events with unique-to-you components.

We begin by getting together with you for an extensive information-gathering session, followed by brainstorming, then developing a flawless detailed execution plan. We’ll work closely with you to determine our role and define our level of involvement with services ranging from full to partial to a la carte. Once we know your vision and expectations, our experienced event planning team may:

  • Become the primary project contact
  • Develop a detailed timeline and logistics plan Create a visual collage with all the elements of your event
  • Manage last-minute minutia
  • Formulate a contingency plan
  • Eliminate any distractions that could prevent you from enjoying your event

We believe in supporting our clients, and V Agency’s multi-layer process is designed to provide you with a fantastic experience during all stages of planning and enjoying your event. Let’s get started!

Your support team awaits!

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