Snuggle Up With a Good Read

by Lotoya Vongrechin on September 25, 2012

There’s something about the cool breezes and shorter days of fall that put me in the mood for snuggling up with an intriguing new book. Wouldn’t it be fun to start a virtual book club? If you love discussing all the intricate plot and character details, think about using a social platform—such as Facebook—or even a basic conference call set-up to start your own club.

I love mysteries and romances, and today’s vision board includes a few selections I can’t wait to read.

In Back to Blood, his first release in eight years, Tom Wolfe explores the immigrant culture of Miami, Florida, with a focus on people of Cuban descent. I admire anyone who has the courage to start a new life in a foreign country, and I know Wolfe will reveal the city’s dark side like no one else. (Release date: October 23)

As a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, I am excited to read J.K. Rowling’s first adult novel.  The Casual Vacancy tells the story of an ideal English town—that’s not as perfect as it seems. Behind its façade, a war is brewing among the townspeople over a vacant council seat and other heated social issues. Piques my curiosity because it’s politics with a twist. (Release date: September 27)

Lullaby by Amanda Hocking seems like the kind of page-turner mystery novel I’ll read in just 24 hours! It’s the story of two sisters. One has magical powers and runs off to live with a group of dangerous girls. The other goes in search of her beloved sister, intent on bringing her home to their family. (Release date: November 27)

Sweet Tooth, a novel by Ian McEwan, features a college gal who is a compulsive novel reader. She has an affair with an older man and realizes she is being groomed for the intelligence agency. Love + espionage—I love it! (Available now)

Leave a comment and tell me what you are currently reading—and send me your recommendations!

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