Are You Ready for Some Football?

by Lotoya Vongrechin on January 31, 2012

Fans all over the country are screaming, “YES!” for Super Bowl XLVI. This year’s game will be a very special season finale, considering the entire season was on the verge of being cancelled. We are excited to watch the New York Giants and New England Patriots battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy and we want to celebrate it right. So, with the big event just a few days away, I designed this inspiration board: pizza, cake pops and booze—oh, my! Score! 

L to R, top row: football cake pops (, football party invite (, walking taco (, football-themed confetti (; 2nd row: beer tub (, Lombardi Trophy (photo from, football whoopie pies (; 3rd row: pizza (photo from, sliders (; 4th row: LCD flat-screen TV (photo from, turf-inspired buffet (photo from, balloon bouquet (, Champage on ice ( 

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